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Ayurveda is the oldest living system of medicine. Ayurvedic medicines are derived from plant, mineral, animal, and other natural sources. It considers Body, Mind, Energies, and Soul as constituents of life and of health, thus making it truly holistic.

This understanding of health gives Ayurveda the edge to offer treatments which are complete and devoid of side effects.

Shakti Ayurvedic Clinic has been providing effective services by using this ancient Medicine in a scientific way.

As a clinic for Rejuvenation and Healing, we provide Ayurvedic doctors' consultation, Panchakarma Therapies, and medicines.


Dr DV Prashant Kumar BAMS, M.Phil., CRAV 

Dr DV Prashant Kumar

A specialist in Panchakarma procedures, Dr Prashant Kumar has a vision on making Ayurveda a household name.


Liked by his patients, he treats by suggesting practical diet & lifestyle changes, medicines, and detox therapies.


He holds his M.Phil. in the subject of Hyperlipidemia and Obesity.  


Our Approach

The study and examination of  the patient and the diagnosis is done extensively by the Ayurvedic approach . Modern diagnostic methods are skilfully used wherever necessary.

The treatment is done exclusively on Ayurvedic lines.

All patients are given detailed attention and are educated regarding their condition Advice regarding treatment, food, and lifestyle on practical lines is given. Our patients are thus better equipped to handle their conditions on their own, for the future.

Conditions effectively treated

Allergy   Kidney Stones Back Ache Endometriosis Hair Loss
Constipation Obesity Depression Psoriasis Sinusitis
Paralysis Rheumatoid Arthritis Vitiligo Liver Diseases IBS
Sinusitis  Skin Diseases Varicose Veins Alcohol Deaddiction  etc..
  Acne  Sexual Problems Infertility Multiple Sclerosis
Diabetes  Prostate Enlargement Parkinsons Hepatitis B
Hypothyroidism  Bells Palsy PCOD Ulcers
Arthritis Acidity  Hypothyroidism Anaemia
Asthma Migraine Menopause Complaints Pigmentation
Eczema Piles Gynaec Problems Spondylitis